The reality browser

Our vision is to bring the internet into reality by simplifying access to information and putting people back at the center of the digital experience.


Aria is a free application (iOS and Android) that blends digital content with real images.

Our goal is to revolutionize communication by simplifying access to augmented reality for both users and institutions, brands, events and content creators.

Forget the old social networks and set out to conquer the reality that surrounds you! Aria puts her legs to digital and brings attention back to the world around us by putting human experience and relationship back at the center.

AR cover music foo fighter
AR skate ale giorgini

Adding a digital level to reality revolutionizes the very idea of the world we have by opening up infinite possibilities: seeing the trailer of the film you are interested in directly on the poster at the bus stop, in the newspaper or on a billboard. And see a different one every day because the digital content can be changed at any time! Find a video of assembly instructions directly on the product packaging or enjoy the video clip of your favorite artist from the cover of his album. See the spaghetti making process directly on the packaging, or the video of the resort you would like to go to from the agency window. All without expensive additional devices but directly from your smartphone simply with a gesture, framing an image. The information dispersed today in the digital prairie of the web thanks to Aria you can easily find it where it belongs: in the real world.


To use Aria, just download the application and frame one of the targets that you can find in the exhibitions, newsstands and on all products that have the Aria symbol. Or go to the test page of the site.

When you frame an image in our database with Aria, it is recognized and transformed into a screen that reproduces the digital content (video).

It is essential to have a 4G connection because the contents are not inside the app (it would be impossible to have thousands) but are uploaded in streaming.

With the rec button (currently only active on iOS) you can record and share your experiences with Aria.

The difference with the QR code is substantial because Aria does not refer to a link on the web but blends the video directly with reality by "tracking" it on the image that triggered the experience.


Alchemica, an augmented reality illustration. A project powered by Alkanoids studio

AR book cover logo modernism

AR cover book – personal project by Bryson Sellers

Animated streetart in Augmented Reality by Camilla Falsini and Alkanoids studio for Subsidenze

Animated poster in AR. A personal project by Mauro Mason

AR cover cremonini 2c2c

Animated cover in Augmented reality for Cesare Cremonini 2c2c, created by Alkanoids motion design studio