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First of all check that you have a wifi or 4G data connection. For being a lightweight application, Aria streams content.
Make sure you frame an image from our database, Aria doesn’t work with any image.
It is not the application that generates the videos but it is a content that we upload. You can find test targets here.
Third, there may be a lighting problem: if it’s too dark Aria will probably struggle to recognize the image.
If it still doesn’t work there is probably a problem with permissions (possibly caused by updating the smartphone’s operating system). In this case you have to delete and re-download Aria, making sure to give all the permissions.​

This is due to a missing or poor connection: Aria recognizes the image but struggles to download the linked video. Please connect to a wifi network or move to where you have at least a 4g connection.​
Right now the recording button is only available on iOS models, we are working to implement it on Android as well. For android users there is always the possibility to record with the native screen recording of the operating system.
If even seeing the recording button you are unable to record or save the video, there is probably a problem with the authorization of permissions (perhaps caused by the phone operating system update). In this case you have to delete and re-download Aria, making sure to give all the permissions.
If video is streaming and there is no sound or the volume is too low or the phone is in silent mode. Just turn up the volume or change the silent setting to hear the audio.
To create an experience like the ones you saw with Aria, two simple elements are enough: an image and a video. The image must be a jpg of maximum 1MB and the video a maximum mp4 of 1000 kb / s. At this link the complete guide to creating content.

Not all images can activate Aria. We talk about computer vision and if the image is too “simple” it is hardly recognized by the app.

Always refer to the guide and feel free to take several tests.

Any type of video can be uploaded to the air: art videos, promotional videos, commercials, animations, motion graphics, selfies shot with mobile phones etc … You must be the creator of the video or you must own the rights to use it.
There is no limit but the recommended duration is between 10 and 30 seconds. It is not a technical limit, we have videos of several minutes, but it is a limit linked to the way of use.
Of course it is possible to create videos with alpha channel that partially cover the target image or that go outside the edge of the image. Follow the instructions in the guide to make them.
If you have already activated the subscription, send the contents to
Your experience, if the materials comply with the guide, will be active in a maximum of 48 hours depending on the traffic for loading.
Once activated, your experience will be visible all over the world with the exception of China.