We were called by Panino Giusto, the historic Milanese restaurant brand now widespread throughout Europe, to communicate their international certification to B-Corp (the first in Italy): a company that works responsibly, sustainably and transparently and pursues a purpose superior to profit, that is, a positive impact on people and the environment. Our video was designed to be distributed in augmented reality via the Aria Platform app. It will then be possible to view this content on the company's merchandising, such as dining placemats, menus, paper envelopes, and flyers, with smartphones. The videos created by Alkanoids for Panino Giusto will be disseminated on the new Internet: into reality around us.

Client: Panino Giusto spa
Direction: Alkanoids
Design & Animation: Marilisa Besana
Animation: Alessandro Nobile

AR: Aria Platform​​​​​​​